Sedation: the key for nervous dental patients

Let’s face it, if you are terrified of the dentist, and have tried the usual routes of self-soothing in the dental chair. You’ve had the hypnotherapy, the deep breathing techniques, the many other techniques that may help reduce your levels of fear, and nothing has worked, then sedation is the next step.

Here at Dental Beauty Greenwich, we have natural methods on hand, such as hypnotherapy and being able to talk to the dentists. We have dentists fully trained in how to treat people in order to calm them. We always do our utmost to make getting dental implants in London with us as easy as possible for all our patients.

Dental Implants in LondonBut, if you are terrified, you may be so worried that none of this is going to make a jot of difference. So much so that you’d prefer to go without, despite the incredible benefits of dental implants in London when it comes to treating tooth loss.

That’s why, we are very willing to offer you some form of medical sedation. We have two to choose from, both very effective, but one does involve needles. So, if you have a phobia of needles, and lots of people do, you may be better off opting for oral sedation.

Oral sedation

This form of sedation comes in the form of a tablet. You swallow this about an hour before your surgical appointment and the sedation effect will slowly seep through as the medicine enters your bloodstream gently through the lining of your gut. Your sense will be much less alert and you will feel much less discomfort or pain. Oral sedation is an accompaniment to local anaesthetic. You probably won’t remember much about your treatment afterwards.

Intravenous sedation

This requires a needle, usually into the back of the hand, to deliver the sedation medicine straight into your bloodstream. It takes immediate effect. You will be very relaxed during treatment and groggy afterwards.

When you come to us for dental implants in London, we always recommend that someone drive you home afterwards. Why not come and talk to us and start the ball rolling for a new life with teeth that actually work?

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