How our dentist helps nervous patients at Dental Beauty Greenwich

We know that getting a reminder to attend a check-up is far from fun, but, for some patients, it can send them into a panic spiral which then leads to avoidance and a worsening of dental issues.

At Dental Beauty Greenwich, our dentist in Greenwich works with our patients to break this cycle by helping them overcome their worries and anxieties, thus getting their dental health back on track and their smiles looking fabulous.

But why are so many people worried about undertaking dental treatments in the first place? Here, our dentist in Greenwich explores dental phobias in a bit more depth and discusses what we as a team can do to help you cope with check-ups at Dental Beauty Greenwich.

Why are patients wary of dental professionals?

There are many reasons why patients may feel nervous about seeing our dentist in Greenwich. Due to seeing an unkind or uncaring dental professional in their past, many patients may have been left them feeling embarrassed or ashamed of their teeth. Some patients have also experienced dental procedures without the correct amount of numbing agent applied, equating to a very unpleasant and traumatic experience.

At Dental Beauty Greenwich, our team aims to be extremely compassionate towards our nervous patients and we will always ensure that you are fully numbed before proceeding with any treatment.

How we can help

There are many treatments that we can offer to help you feel more comfortable in our surgery.

We will always listen to any concerns that you may have before we begin your checkup or treatment. We can work at your own pace and encourage you during the process, taking breaks as and when you need them. For this, we do offer our nervous patients longer appointment slots, so we won’t have to rush you.

Our team also has links to hypnotherapists, who can assist you in overcoming your fear using similar techniques that are used to help people quit smoking. If this is something you would be interested in to help you manage your dental aversion, talk to our team.

If you want something less intense, we can accommodate you by allowing you to listen to music while we work on your teeth or, you can watch television for more lengthy procedures.

We can also offer sedation options that will render you partially conscious during the checkup, helping you feel more relaxed but able to respond to our team while also blocking any memories of the treatment.

Long term benefits

There are many advantages to seeking help for a dental aversion.

The first is that your oral health will improve and that can lead to your eligibility for cosmetic treatments, such as whitening, veneers or dental implants if you wish to have them.

Secondly, your physical health will also reap the benefits; with less plaque in your mouth, you will lessen your chances of developing heart disease, other cardiovascular issues, cancer and even strokes.

And finally, you will inevitably boost your confidence by overcoming a lifelong fear!

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