Need a new dentist in Greenwich? Five reasons to join Dental Beauty Greenwich surgery today!

New to Greenwich and looking for a high-quality dental surgery? Look no further than Dental Beauty Greenwich!


In the past, many people attended dental surgeries solely for their biannual check-ups and sometimes, if they had a wedding coming up, for a tooth whitening session. However, as the image of the censorious dental practitioner has faded and cosmetic dentistry has become more common, more people are looking for a dental surgery that is equipped to service all of their cosmetic and general needs.

So, when you are looking for a dentist in Greenwich that can offer you more than a simple scale and polish, come to Dental Beauty Greenwich. Our dedicated team will help you keep your mouth healthy while also helping you to get that straighter, whiter smile you deserve! We can also offer our patients minor, non-surgical facial aesthetics too. Perfect!

What are the other reasons to choose Dental Beauty Greenwich as your dentist in Greenwich? Read on to find out!

Nervous? Don’t be!

At Dental Beauty Greenwich, we know how intimidating a trip to your dental surgery can be!

If you are a nervous patient, our dentist in Greenwich can help you to relax through our range of treatments for nervous patients, which includes sedation dentistry, distraction techniques such as music and even hypnotherapy. We don’t want your oral health to suffer as a result of these phobias and aim to help you beat these fears together.


As odd as it may sound, there are many ways that our team can help you banish troublesome snoring completely.

Once considered a problem without a simple solution, our dental team at Dental Beauty Greenwich can not only diagnose the cause of your snoring, but also provide suitable solutions to treat it. Everything from mouth guards to CPAP machines, we can make your night-time woes a thing of the past, ensuring that you and your bed partner get those much needed forty winks.

Dental implants

Our dental team are experienced in restoring our patients’ smiles to their former glory with the use of dental implants and can advise you on which option would be most suitable for you.

We offer every type of dental implants, from endosteal to zygomatic and can recommend one of the many varieties of prosthesis to rejuvenate your smile.

One of our most popular cosmetic treatments, coming to Dental Beauty Greenwich for oral implants can really change your life!


Worried you missed the window to implement braces?

At Dental Beauty Greenwich, we can offer many of our adult patients orthodontic options to help them straighten their misaligned smiles, including the famous Invisalign aligner.

Designed to be invisible, removable and painless, this brace will straighten your teeth quickly and easily, without drawing unwanted stares. Brilliant!

Smile makeovers

Need a more mixed treatment? Our team can do that too!

Known as a smile makeover, this option includes everything from dental whitening to oral implants, to leave you with the best version of your smile!

What are you waiting for? Join Dental Beauty Greenwich surgery today!

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