Nervous dental patients: overcoming barriers to treatment

Nervous dental patients face significant barriers to getting the treatment they need and the smile they want. At Dental Beauty Greenwich in London, we are committed to overcoming these barriers. If you are nervous, anxious, or even fully phobic about dental treatment, let us work with you to get you back to full oral health.

nervous-dental-patientsDr Ricky Adams, our principal dentist, is Dental Phobia certified, and our whole team is empathic to the needs of and committed to providing care and help to nervous dental patients. We offer a number of different options at our London clinic, and will ensure we find the best one to suit you, so that you can get the treatment you need in a relaxed, calming, and stress-free environment.

No two nervous dental patients are the same, though there are some common triggers, such as the sound of the drill, or a bad experience as a child. However, this fear can manifest itself in a number of ways, and we will work with you as an individual to help you conquer it once and for all. It may seem like an impossible dream right now, but at our London clinic we have helped scores of anxious, nervous, and phobic patients find the right combination of techniques to enable them to get back to full dental health.

A common cause of anxiety is fear of further treatment, or shame about the state of your teeth if you haven’t visited a practice in many years. At our London clinic we will never be judgemental; regardless of why you haven’t had treatment in the past, all we want to do is get you back to full health in a calm and professional environment.

Nervous dental patients can benefit from:

  • Working at your pace
  • Bringing a friend with you
  • Hypnosis
  • Conscious sedation

Listening to music during treatment

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