Overcoming dental anxiety for dental implant treatment

Dental implants are the most reliable and effective solution today for treating tooth loss. You can protect your dental health and restore your smile with this clinically proven treatment available at Dental Beauty Greenwich in London. However it is one of the more complex treatments and involves a minor surgical procedure. If you are a nervous dental patient, who has experienced tooth loss, you may have ruled out dental implants for this reason. However at our friendly practice we can help you overcome your anxiety through a variety of techniques, including dental hypnosis.

Dental Implants in LondonWhat is dental hypnosis?

Hypnosis is a state of mind produced either by yourself or by responding to the suggestions of the therapist. Deep physical relaxation usually accompanies it, with a corresponding reduction in awareness of your surroundings.

What is it used for?

At Dental Beauty Greenwich, hypnosis can be used to help with dental anxiety, exaggerated gag reflex, clenching or grinding of the teeth and excess salivation. It is also helpful for complex treatments, such as dental implants in London.

On our website, there is a link to a free ‘what is hypnosis’ track, plus a free relaxation hypnosis track, so you can get a feel of how hypnosis works at Dental Beauty Greenwich.

You will be taught how to practice self-hypnosis to reinforce suggestions made by our therapists.

What else can help me relax during my dental implant treatment?

In addition to hypnosis, we offer distraction techniques when you come in for dental implants in London. We have invested in various entertainment options, all of which you can request from your dentist for no additional cost.

Many of our patients tell us the noises of the dental surgery enhance their dental fears. So, we’ve found noise cancelling headphones work well to counteract this. We have albums ready to use, or you can bring your favourite music with you, whichever you prefer.

For longer visits, such as when getting dental implants in London, we offer the unique experience of watching a film during your treatment. Our DVD glasses project the image to you, giving you the equivalent experience of watching a large TV.

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