Phobias – What are they and how can you change them?

Phobias are essentially just a strong fear. There’s no real difference between a fear, and a phobia, except that a phobia is normally a more intense emotion, and as a rule of thumb, people with phobias always unconsciously remember to run their phobia patterns when they are confronted with the object of their phobia.

This might sound silly, but it’s often a serious commitment with a consistency rarely displayed in most areas of life. For example, most people see the rubbish bins on their way in and out of the house, but they don’t always remember to take them out! But someone with a phobia of spiders for example, every time they see a spider, they remember to freak out. They never forget – not once!

And what’s really interesting about that is that demonstrates the exact skill set needed to be able to get rid of the phobia forever!

As newborn babies we are only afraid of 2 things. Falling and loud noises, these are the only 2 inbuilt “natural” fears we’re born with.

Which means, everything else you’re afraid of in life, you made a decision at some point to start being afraid of it.

And in the case of some phobias and strong fears, you stuck to that decision steadfastly. You may not have been consciously aware of making that decision, and you did make it. You changed your mind from not being afraid to being afraid.

Which is all you need to do to stop being afraid, forever! Just change your mind.

The problem is, most people don’t know how they made the decision in the first place, let alone how to make a new one.

To understand that you need to understand how you created your phobia in the first place.

A phobia is, essentially, an anchor; which is exactly what it sounds like, it anchors a certain stimuli or trigger to a certain emotion or thought.

So that song on the radio that reminds you of the summer of your youth, or the cologne your grandfather used to wear that when you smell it almost transports you back there, are both examples of anchors. Your mind has linked the external trigger with a certain emotion or thought.

And that’s all a phobia is, your mind has linked a certain external trigger or event with a certain emotion or thought, the only difference is that it happens to be a negative or painful emotion.

In most cases phobias can be permanently cured in one or two sessions.


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