The role of emergency dental care to help restore good oral health

There are many factors which can affect our oral health. Lifestyle choices such as smoking, alcohol and a poor diet made up of sugary snacks and fizzy drinks have a significant detrimental effect on your teeth. Poor oral hygiene is also a major cause for dental issues; some illnesses and medication can affect the health of your teeth or you may have been in an accident or had an injury which affects your teeth. Many dental issues present no symptoms to begin with and may suddenly result in a dental emergency and provoke issues such as a sudden toothache, which doesn’t go away after taking painkillers. You may wake up to find you have an abscess, which usually presents itself as a lump or bump, is normally filled with pus and is due to an infection that can occur in the teeth, bone or gums which can be distressing, uncomfortable and even painful. You may have lost or broken a filling or a crown, chipped or broken a tooth, or you may have lost an adult tooth either due to an ongoing dental issue or trauma to your mouth. If you are experiencing any of these issues then it is important that you contact your emergency dentist in Greenwich and seek immediate attention. The quicker your dentist is able to address your needs, the more effective the treatment will be and the less detrimental effect it will have on your surrounding healthy teeth and gums.

Speak to us about your dental anxiety

Speak to us at Dental Beauty Greenwichs today and find out more about emergency dental care and other treatment options which are available to help address your dental needs. If you have not visited your dentist for a long time, you may not have felt the need to or you may have a reluctance towards visiting the dentist, then do not let this prevent you from contacting us or delaying dental care any longer. We understand that you may feel nervous or uneasy about visiting us in person but you can rest assured that your oral health is our priority. We will do our best to make sure that your visit here at Dental Beauty Greenwich is as comfortable and stress-free as we can possibly make it. We offer sedation and anaesthetic for our patients with dental anxiety or dental phobia however, this is only if necessary. We will do our best to reassure you about the benefits of the different treatments and procedures that we offer here at Dental Beauty Greenwich and why it is important to address your emergency dental issues sooner rather than later with your emergency dentist in Greenwich to help prevent further complications in the future.

Contact us sooner rather than later

Contact us at Dental Beauty Greenwich immediately and we will try and make sure that we are able to give you an appointment with our emergency dentist in Greenwich within 24 hours or on the same day to help address your issues and relieve you of your pain and discomfort. Sometimes you may require a course of antibiotics. By contacting us treatment can begin sooner and once your antibiotics are complete, you will be able to undergo dental treatment as required.

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