The shock of a broken smile

Life is full of the unexpected, and although the uncertainty of what’s next can be exciting, it can also be inconvenient. Losing or chipping your teeth is one of those irritating things but in life’s unpredictability, there is certainty in knowing that, if you fall and chip or break a tooth, you will need an emergency dentist. In Greenwich, here at Dental Beauty Greenwich are a warm and welcoming dental practice offering you urgent care if your smile needs to be fixed.

Emergency Dentist in GreenwichIt might be that you’re walking along one day and enjoying the rare moment of English sun. While you’re busy admiring the sunny streets of Greenwich, the curb has other plans. If you fall on your face and your tooth is chipped as a result, you shouldn’t have to wait days for an appointment. The earlier we look at your teeth, the more likely it is that the remaining ones can be preserved and restored.

If you need an emergency dentist in Greenwich because toothache is giving your grief, we can identify the problem for you. In always trying to give you an emergency appointment on the same day, we hope to avoid further complications like infections. That way, you can return to your smile quickly and efficiently, without being too taken aback by your accident and injury.

Arranging an emergency appointment

When you arrive for your appointment, you can take a seat and tell your dentist what happened. The injured area will then be carefully examined and your dentist will decide if you need an x-ray to observe the extent of the damage done.

During your appointment, further pain needn’t be a worry. If the injury is intense, you can opt for a local anaesthetic. To avoid the possibility of infection, the affected area will be sterilised. Your damaged teeth can then be treated and they can either be preserved or extracted, depending on the severity of your case. In the case of extraction, we can discuss the possible implant treatments that we offer.

If you’re seeking an emergency dentist in Greenwich, here at Dental Beauty Greenwich we can’t wait to restore your smile.

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