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At Dental Beauty Greenwich, we understand that going for treatment to have dental implants in London fitted can be really challenging. We also know just how life-changing having dental implants is. Whether you have been putting up with unsightly gaps, or even more unsightly stumps, or struggling with dentures that slide around in your mouth, dental implants give you back the full functionality of your mouth.

These replacement teeth are as near as you can get to the real thing, except they don’t decay, another bonus. But, to get them fitted, it means having minor oral surgery, and when people hear what is involved, they can feel quite daunted. If you are one of the many people in the UK who suffer from dental phobia, you might even decide that getting dental implants in London fitted is too much to even contemplate, and at Dental Beauty Greenwich, we think that would be a shame.

Dental Implants in LondonAs we know how fantastic dental implants are, we make a point of making having dental implants fitted as easy for you as possible. The surgery involves cutting a flap in the gum and then drilling new sockets into your jawbone. It sounds far worse than it is because the jawbone has far fewer nerve endings than the teeth, so you may feel a lot of pressure from the drill, but there is far less pain involved and having a local anaesthetic is more than enough to numb it.

That doesn’t deal with your anxiety levels, however, and lying back feeling terrified while we work on you is no fun for you, and therefore no fun for us either. That’s why we offer you sedation if you want it.

Oral sedation

Take a tablet about an hour before your procedure and you will float through it feeling very pleasantly relaxed and find you don’t remember much afterwards.

Intravenous sedation

This goes straight into your bloodstream and will probably make you go to sleep. We will be able to rouse you so that you can answer us if we need to speak to you but otherwise you’ll probably sleep through the whole thing.

If that sounds like the way you’d like to experience dental implants in London, why not come in for a consultation?

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