When to contact our emergency dentist in Greenwich

One of the most common problems faced by our dentists is getting patients to make contact with our team due to a dental emergency. This is because many patients may go about their daily routine unaware that their dental problem is serious enough to warrant immediate treatment, instead of waiting for a regularly scheduled appointment.


So with that in mind, here are a few signs which may mean that you should get in touch with our emergency dentist in Greenwich right away.

Cracks, chips or missing teeth

One of the most common and easily noticeable signs that you should get in touch with our team for an appointment with our emergency dentist in Greenwich is when there are any cracks and chips in your teeth, or if one or more has managed to become knocked out.

In these situations our team may use veneers, crowns or implants to restore your smile to its previous pristine condition.

Constant or intense toothache

If at any point you feel a sharp or intense pain in your teeth or if there’s a constant nagging pain in your teeth that won’t go away after 24 hours even if you take pain killers, then you should get in touch with the practice. Constant pain could be a sign that the inside of the tooth has become infected either through damage, decay or disease and it may need immediate treatment to save it, or prevent the infection from spreading and putting your gums and other teeth at risk.

At Dental Beauty Greenwich our highly trained team will diagnose the cause of your pain and then place you on a course of treatment to reduce or remove that source of discomfort quickly and effectively.

Persistent bleeding from your gums

Bleeding from your gums should never be ignored as it can be a sign of gum disease setting in and once that happens you open the door to gingivitis, tooth loss, decay and in some cases disintegration of the jawbone. Changing your oral routine can lessen these symptoms, but you should always get in touch with your dentist to further diagnose the source of the bleed in order to rule out any potential oral health risks.

Overly sensitive teeth

Finally, if at any point your teeth start to feel overly sensitive to the point it becomes painful, then you should make an emergency appointment. Having a high level of sensitivity could be a sign that the protective enamel layer of your teeth has either become compromised or thin enough to the point that it’s too sensitive to temperatures.

Our team can provide a number of solutions, as well as recommend ways to change your daily oral cleaning routine to make your teeth stay stronger for longer.

So if you are struggling to figure out if your current oral health woes warrant an emergency appointment, then just keep a few of these signals in mind. If you are experiencing any of the above mentioned symptoms do not hesitate to get in touch as the sooner we see you, the quicker we can get you on the path to recovery.

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